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Rev. LatinAm. Metal. Mat. 2020, 40(1): 15-35

Synthesis and Characterization of Mg-In alloys (17.47% at. and 38.84% at.) Prepared by mechanical alloying

Ney José Luiggi Agreda, Miguel Rondón, María Valera

Online: 27-04-2020



We synthesized two Mg-In alloys, namely, Mg 50% In (17.47% at. In) and Mg 75% In (38.84% at. In) by subjecting high purity Mg and In powders to mechanical alloying. The synthesis was followed in each case by X-ray diffraction (XRD), which allowed for a series of Mg-In metastable phases occurring during alloying to be identified. The invariability of the diffraction patterns made it possible for the grinding time to be set at 10 hours, phases In 0.144 Mg1.856 and In0.212 Mg 1.788 and InMg and InMg3 having the greater presence in both the Mg 17.47% at. In and Mg 38.84% at. In alloys, respectively. Samples thermally annealed at 300 and 400ºC were studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and electrical resistivity (Dr), the DSC measurements showing a series of phases according to what is established in the phase diagram of the Mg-In system. A kinetic analysis of the first reactions generated in both alloys after annealing at 300ºC evinces that they occur by indium diffusion in the Mg matrix. When the annealing is at 400ºC, however, above the solubility limit of phases b1 and b2 for both alloys, the reactions reveal low activation energy, mainly associated with the migration of In atoms in both the Mg solid solution of the Mg 17.47% at. In and the b'' phase matrix of the Mg 38.84% at. In alloys, regulated by the effects of the order-disorder transition reported for this latter concentration of indium. This behavior is ratified by Dr measurements.


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